Coming back to London after 2 weeks is the weirdest feeling ever. I mean it’s sooo different from Poland. Despite being sad that I have to leave everyone behind, my home is in London now. And there’s nothing better than coming back home. With coming back home come responsibilities. Holy cauliflower cactus (yes I’m using a cactus so that I won’t offend anyone by using „Jesus”), I don’t know how long I can complain but shit is real. I’ve spent around 6 hours on my phone trying to clear up the situation with my electricity and gas bills, all thanks to the lovely Scottish accent of the lady on the helpline. However, I’m doing some spring cleaning yaay (please tell me I’m not the only one that actually loves cleaning) and I feel cleaning my flat makes my life somehow more organized. With the responsibilities comes my first real…Continue Reading
  This post is more exciting than usual. A couple of days ago IVYREVEL was globally launched. And guys this is some serious stuff. We worked before but now they are going big. Most of their designs are limited edition. I mean how cool is that (considering the variety of prices) + they’re getting into some digital stuffs (algorithms relating to trends). I just kinda felt the need to share it with you guys since I’m a part of it and I’m not gonna lie, I’m proud, it’s an achievement. Going a bit off topic now. Let’s appreciate the fact that London on these photos looks like LA. I believe many of you know that California is my go to place (trust me I know it’s shit to live there but the suuun). I was the happiest person ever when I had my first glimpse on the camera and I…Continue Reading
             It’s definitely been a rough start to this year. I’m happy we are like almost half way done with it. I’m super excited for the summer since 1) We are having huge awesome family holidays (kinda the ones you see in cheesy American comedies) and 2) I’m planning a big trip in September, which will be Amazing! At least this stuff keeps me going. Anyways I’m glad to be home. I always said I’d never miss it, but I actually do, but just a tinnnyyy bit. I’m too much of a selfish bitch to miss people (I think). Never less saying you guys can also be quite ignorant at times. I mean how many times have I asked you to let me know in the comments what you WANT. Just kidding. I’ll survive. But you know having self-reflection is kinda good. Funny thing is that…Continue Reading
I got quite annoyed recently with the amount of cool stuff that I seen on all the snapchat’s from Paris Fashion Week. I guess I’m not the only one who obsessively followed each single blogger on snapchat just to see the shows (or maybe I am). My jealousy and actually some of the research done at work brought me to the point where I realised that we can get all that stuff so much cheaper. Of course it’s not exact but the similarity is huge. And after all it’s about how you style it, not what you style. I’m quite proud of myself actually for finding some pretty much resembling stuff out there. I hope it’s of any use and if not, just enjoy the what I call “high street knockoff” (I’m obsessed with the Zara knockoffs (they are soooo identical)). Let me know if you want to see any…Continue Reading
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I feel that for all of us who desperetly dream of going to any fashion week, or any fashion show, this season is just depressing. At least this slight “depression” motivates me to actually do something in order to see this one fashion show off my life. You guys can’t even imagine how my life suddenly turned around (not necessarily possitively). I work a 9 to 6 job (I’ll note I sit in front of a computer for 8 hours), I’m near submitting all my finals, I’m super pressured to provide quality content for you and my life is just quite intense even if it seems normal. To be honest the only free time I get is at 8PM when I get back home and I can’t even use it because legit I’m not the most alive person at that time. It’s interesting to see that what I thought would…Continue Reading
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                                                                Recently my mind is just is a mess. I feel the loneliness of living alone is getting to me finally. It just gives me a feeling of boredom even when I’m doing stuff. I have no satisfaction from my life. I always feel like I could do more and more. But somehow nothing has a way of moving forward in my life despite how much I want it. Probably the only thing I’m looking forward to is 1) my new internship starting on Tuesday and 2) uploading stuff to this blog. I feel most of you have also been at this point that it feels almost like you have nothing to look forward to so you probably get…Continue Reading
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HAT – Paris Souvenir Street Shop JACKET – The Kooples DRESS – Zara BELT – Absolute Vintage BAG – H&M Coachella SHOES – Sequin Photography Kuba Polityło-Aluwihare
Coat – Vintage T-shirt – Shop Jeen Bag – H&M Coachella Skirt – Topshop Shoes –  Giuseppe Zanotti Photography Kuba Polityło-Aluwihare
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                                    HAT – H&M FAUX FUR – River Island T-SHIRT – Zara BAG – Dresslink JEANS – Topshop BOOTS – Givenchy