As per usual I’m late with this post, it’s like almost end of December but hey that’s the moment when the idea for a puffer coat post comes up.

My YouTube family has already seen a video on puffer coats some time last year, but since they became so popular and there are so many choices that won’t make you look like a soccer mom, I decided to make a small update.

Puffer jackets have been my childhood nightmare!

Growing up in Poland, especially the ones filled with down were a must have (aka forced onto you by your mom or grandma). I remember all the moms wore the skinny tight ones with a faux fur hoodie and honestly this scarred me for life. However, the older I get, the more I understand that actually being warm during winter is the responsible thing to do. Maybe I’m just getting tired or can’t afford to get sick, but lately looking „cute” is not as important as being healthy (guys if someone told me two years ago that this is something I would say, I probably wouldn’t believe you).

Within only a year all the brands upped their puffer coat game drastically. And to my own surprise I kind of like them. Most of them are oversized or have a funny bubble like form, they come in rainbow colours and instead of giving of this soccer mom vibe you simply look cool.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’m still unsure if they look good on me.

I have about 3 in my closet, and since late November they have been the only coats I wore. I know photos can be deceiving but if you have ever seen me in real life, I’m not too tall, I’m not too skinny and in my personal opinion I have this slight chubbiness to me. Therefore, you can understand why I’m still not 100% comfortable with wearing puffer coats.

Lately the most common question I got was about puffer coats and where to get the cool ones, that duhh will make you look cool. Therefore, to make it more fun I found puffer jackets in all colours, so that you have loads to choose from.

I will probably be updating this post from time to time to give you new options for the ones that are sold out but in the meanwhile I hope you’ll find the perfect one for you.


1) Topshop 2) Topshop 3) Missguided 4) Urban Outfitters 5) Missguided

If you’re too extra for a simple black puffer, go for the coated vinyl ones!


1) Asos 2) Zara 3) Urban Outfitters 4) Weekday 5) Puffa

If you’re really looking for something different, go for the light blue colour. It’s not as popular as dark blue, red, black or pink, so you will definitely stand out. And let me just say that the velvet one is my absolute favourite.


1) Urban Outfitters 2) Urban Outfitters


1) Urban Outfitters 2) Free People 3) Asos

Honestly if I would have less clothes in my closet I would by the Free People coat without even thinking twice. I’m usually not a fan of green but the back feels very 80s/90s, almost like a skiing jacket, and it just looks kind of funny (which for me is a good thing).


1) Missguided 2) NastyGal 3) Asos 4) Asos 5) Free People

& two others that I found after putting it all together 6) Only 7) Bik Bok

ps. I have the Missguided one since September, I ordered it in a size 8 (usually I would go for a 10) and it’s perfectly oversized. It fits most of my outfits however it’s not suitable for extremely cold weather.


1) Topshop 2) Urban Outfitters 3) House of Sunny 4) Monki 5) Urban Outfitters 6) Topshop


1) Topshop 2) Bik Bok 3) Tommy Hilfiger 4) E.L.K 5) Missguided

I myself have a silver one that I got last year from Topshop. It’s super warm so no need for extra layering. Always when I go to shoots I kind of act as a reflector for the lights, so it’s like a 2 in 1.


1) Urban Outfitters 2) Missguided 3) Urban Outfitters 4) Warehouse 5) Missguided 6) Bik Bok


1) Zara 2) Urban Outfitters 3) Bik Bok 4) Urban Classics

White ones are minimalistic but cool. It will definitely suit everything you have in your closet but personally being a very clumsy and messy person, this coat would be grey after a day of me wearing it.

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  1. Julia
    January 10, 2018 / 8:54 pm

    Jesteś mega inspiracją!

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