Pink in Singapore


Truly all I could do in life is travel.

I’m not kidding, find me a job that would pay for me travelling and I won’t even think twice. This year I travelled for almost two months non stop, with lay overs in London or Warsaw for no more than three days. It doesn’t sound that intense but trust me it is. After so many days I just want to teleport myself back home, see my dogs and get back to the realities of bills and all that boring stuff. I would probably want to get back on to the plane in the next two days but well… we all need our home time, and I happen to need just a couple of days.

I will of course miss a lot from travelling e.g. the softness of the hotel sheets and pillows (where can I get those by the way for my flat, I have been searching forever?), flying, exploring and probably many more. But I gotta go home now.

So what was so different about this year? First of all, I came back to Marrakech, which I already talked about here. Second of all to spice up my two weeks in Thailand I finally went to the Full Moon Party, in short much ado about nothing. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life but perhaps I’m too old to dance in a crowd full of neon muscle tank top guys, with crap club music.

To finish my Asia trip we landed in Singapore. It was my first time seeing this city, and I expected something completely different. Actually Singapore came out to be much more exciting than I expected.

All I ever heard about Singapore was from tales, which looking at it now where far from true, or simply exaggerated for the purpose of a more exciting conversation. Seriously, I thought you can basically get jailed for anything in this country:  throwing chewing gum on the road, not walking on the zebra cross and I’m not even mentioning the death penalty for drugs. And perhaps it is true to some extent however locals don’t seem to mind the law.

I don’t know what I expected visually from this city, therefore leaving the hotel for the first time was quite a shock. I found Singapore quite similar to Honk Kong, with an enormous downtown area for all the banks along with a cute and vibrant Chinese aesthetic.

On the first day I discovered that this city is absolutely full of amazing Chinese architecture in possibly each single colour of the rainbow. I don’t know what more to say, I was amazed and I still am.

Typical me, I decided to colour match my outfits with designated spots in Singapore. When I say colour matching, I don’t necessarily mean “matching” but styling your outfits in such way that you could almost blend into this aerial vibe of the place you’re going to.

Finding of the pink wall (to find the wall head to Arab St) that you could see above was unexpected, despite the outfit being planned. I don’t know whether it’s the outfit, the colours or just the wall, but I will be fangirling over this composition for the next ten years.

I’ll admit, I was a bit freaked out by going out looking a bit like I ran away from a gypsy circus but somehow I did it. I was even surprised that no one cared to notice me on the streets, like guys I could actually live here and never get self conscious about the way I look. Perhaps the locals are used to seeing crazy tourists like me wearing every colour of the rainbow at once, or it’s just the difference in our cultures.

To end my short life update for you, I kind of want to say that Singapore could be the place for me.

I’m saying “could” because I would never run out of the colourful backdrops for my posts (however if I’m not wrong, you’ll get the same thing in LA?), there’s more vegan restaurants in Singapore than in London, it’s freaking hot and there’s a beach (yaaasss), but… looking at the amounts of food that I eat normally I probably wouldn’t be able to afford lunch in Singapore.

So if I’ll ever win at a lottery, you guys will know where to find me.


Berry xx



Hat – Village Hats ||  Sunglasses – Depop ||  Bra – Urban Outfitters ||  Blouse – Mango || Bag –  Next || Shoes – Converse


  1. August 2, 2017 / 10:41 pm

    Jak zawsze Twoja stylizacja jest mega. Uwielbiam to jak nie boisz się dobierać takie nieoczywiste rzeczy i łączyć je w sposób, na ktory ja bym się pewnie nigdy nie odważyła, ale teraz jak patrze na to co robić ze swoimi ubraniami aż sama chciałabym tak poeksperymentować haha. Btw to baardzo zazdroszcze Singapuru, miejsce marzenie, musze kiedyś tam pojechać! pozdrawiam x

  2. July 29, 2017 / 3:19 pm

    This entire look is so cool! Love all these colors together!

  3. Dominica
    July 22, 2017 / 11:59 pm

    I love your clothes. Your style is so… oryginal and special maybe can you do a lookbook?

  4. Natalia
    July 21, 2017 / 4:18 am

    Ciekawie napisany tekst, powinnaś pisać więcej takich dłuższych postów 🙂 (albo to tylko mnie się wydaje, że ten jest dłuższy niż zazwyczaj)
    Co do kolorystyki, to chyba nie muszę mówić, jak bardzo zachwyca. Swoją drogą, chciałabym kiedyś mieć tyle odwagi, co ty, aby wyjść tak ubrana na ulicę, niestety Polska to jednak nadal zupełnie inna mentalność

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