My wardrobe basics of 2020

With each year or even season my wardrobe basics completely change. I think most people think of basics in terms of a white t-shirt, nice pair of jeans and classic boots.

While my basics always fall alongside those categories more or less, they fall far from what the definition of “basics” means.

I always ignored the word “basics” in fear that they have to be boring, simple and universal. Until I discovered that a basic while universal doesn’t have to be simple at all. Some might call it staple pieces, but for me, it is a basic if it’s universal and you find that it constitutes to 90% of your outfits. A staple piece for me would be more in the categories of a wow factor piece, that you surely wouldn’t wear day to day. 

And funny enough while the outfit here might not look super “basic” it consists only of items that I consider my basics.

Starting from the chunky brown boots, which literally go with any outfit, going up to the A brand flares which are most likely the comfiest jeans I own. My flares deserve special recognition here, simply because they make my butt look great, they add a couple of inches in height and somehow make any top look way more dressed up than it actually is. I honestly wear them at least 3 days per week. And yes I consider them to be my lazy outfit solution. But they look fantastic!

The top consists of my two basics: a turtleneck and a belted jacket.

I’m not even talking about this specific turtleneck or this particular jacket. I can openly say I have a serious problem when it comes to turtlenecks. I could wear them daily, and sometimes it’s almost hard to not wear them. I love how they cling to your silhouette and almost give you a hug. The actual turtle neck looks terrific with any coats and blazers, it adds a bit of a retro feel to all outfits. And if it couldn’t get better, they are so damn comfy. 

The jackets, on the other hand, are my secret weapon when it comes to outfits that you want to feel more polished and look as if you actually spent 5 or more minutes on putting them together. On top of that, they actually fit most looks because of their practicality. The one here from & Other Stories has been my 2020 obsession. It’s one of my investment pieces (yup I consider & Other Stories an investment that’s how broke I am).

I think in conclusion, I think I wanted to highlight that we don’t need to fall into basics in terms of their traditional meaning. And stop listening to people who tell you to buy more basics. I don’t have a single white t-shirt or a pair of skinny jeans, and I couldn’t be happier.


Jacket – & Other Stories

Jeans – A Brand

Bag – Nasty Gal

Boots – Raid


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