How the hell do you wear a mini skirt?








I am writing this literally less than twelve hours after submitting my last individual work for uni this year.

I should congratulate myself and be all excited, and whatever most happy normal people do, but in the end who is really happy and normal? No one (at least I never heard of these kind of people). I had a bit of trouble deciding whether I should talk to you today about fashion or shitty stuff from my life, but I guess I’ll do both.

My life, probably like yours, goes in these up’s and down’.

No matter what any of you will say (and don’t use the “some people can’t afford food” card on me, we all experience our issues at different levels), I have been pretty unlucky this year, therefore unhappy and I blame it on meeting the wrong people and taking the wrong chances. I haven’t felt it all so much mentally, I think I just ignored it and refused to acknowledge the fact that I was stressed the fuck out.

I think it’s all better now, but as soon as I submitted my work for marking the previous night, all these emotions I had been keeping in since December suddenly drowned me. Every single little bit that I was ignoring and pushing to the back of my head, suddenly flooded me. I tend to have that quite often especially in the summer. My mom always says it’s because I’m trying too hard to maintain this image of being constantly strong and independent (and the fact that I want to do everything by myself instead of asking for help).

In these situations, people would consider crying something negative, sad and painful. I always see crying as this act of therapy or meditation. We all need our little or big cry from time to time, and as weird as this may sound, sometimes I even look forward to it, because as soon as it’s over I’m good again.

Just my thoughts for this month! If you ever feel like sharing all that load on your mind with me, just message me xx

Changing the topic to a fashion issue. HOW THE HELL DO YOU WEAR A MINI SKIRT?

Let me make it clear, I have never been a fan of anything that exposes my thighs, it just doesn’t feel comfortable in any possible way. All you girls with bigger booties will know what I mean!

Wind is your biggest enemy. Each single time I attempt at wearing a skirt like the one above, it just ends up with me flashing some poor/or very lucky people on the streets with my ass. And as much as I don’t care, it’s just a booty, I don’t feel it’s very appropriate. While selecting photos for this post, I found one where the wind completely uncovered my ass, and it legitimately looks terrible (my booty is beautiful it’s just the scenery that made it look like cheap porn).

So let me ask you that question again, how the hell do you wear a mini skirt?

I seriously don’t know! And as nice as it may look here, the reality is completely different. If anyone knows the answer to my question please let me know, it will really change my life.


I would also like to thank L’ Exception for gifting me with some lovely items for this post!


Sunglasses – Mango || *Top – La Bartavelle || *Jacket – Maison Kitsuné || Skirt – American Apparel || *Bag – Tammy & Benjamin ||Boots – Zara

Photography by Kuba Politylo-Aluwihare


  1. Gabriela
    June 9, 2017 / 4:19 pm

    Chyba wiele dziewczyn ma z tym problem. Mam tennis skirt od dawna w szafie ale ledwo zakrywa moją pupę mimo tego, że rozmiar jest idealny. Nigdy w niej nie wyszłam. Mam wrażenie, że tylko modelki wychodzą w tych spódniczkach na ulicę
    i niczego się nie wstydzą bo po prostu wyglądają w nich obłędnie. ♥♥♥
    Tak dawno nie czytałam blogów. Dzięki Tobie wróciłam do tego. 🙂

  2. June 9, 2017 / 8:38 am

    Uwielbiam twoje zdjęcie 😀 a twoje posty są zawsze takie szczere <3

  3. Natalia
    June 8, 2017 / 8:13 pm

    Świetny post i zdjęcia! Bardzo podoba mi się w nich kolorystyka i klimat, jaki tworzy. Całkowicie zgadzam się z pierwszą częścią postu, ale drugą też. Mam tennis skirt od 2 lat i nigdy w niej nie wyszłam, wręcz myślę nad sprzedaniem jej, bo wygląda super gdy stoję przed lustrem, ale nie mam odwagi w niej wyjść na ulicę haha

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