a year of conscious buying – a wardrobe update

Hello to all my lovely readers,

Those who have been following/reading my well nonsense, probably know about my small/big wardrobe revolution. For a while now I have been first of all buying less, avoiding buying new items and altogether avoiding fast fashion and all those nasties.

My need for change and revolutionising my consumption grew out of my growing fear for our planet as well as a personal need of decluttering my life through my wardrobe. 

Mostly I felt embarrassed by the number of clothes I owned and actually never wore. I had dresses from Zara still with tags on for years after making the purchase. I was a terribly impulsive buyer which thank god I grew out of. But I felt that the change needed to be bigger! And rather than buy less I should forbid myself buying anything new.

Let me be straight here, I still buy new things, and I still shop at Asos. Definitely 200% less than before but sometimes it’s hard to avoid it. Things like shoes, socks and thongs (lol) need to be bought new. As much as I believe in reusable items, I’m trying to be as rational as I can. On the other hand, I grew to like shopping with sustainable brands. They are not cheap, but that means that when you invest in something, you are 100% sure you’ll wear it at least multiple times per month. Because I don’t think any of us can afford to buy a dress for £300 and wear it once? 

On top of that, I’m always 100% pro-earth but within all this it’s important to remember we’re all humans in the end. I believe it is possible to have a  healthy balance between consumption  and sustainability if only we put more care into thought through purchases. If there is a dress in Zara that you must have and you know you’ll cherish it for years, go for it! We can’t deprive ourselves of all things that make us happy. 

So how has my sustainability trip been so far?

Well, both tough and easy. Some things need time to get used to. I personally found that the most frustrating thing is not having any new additions to your closet that motivate you and inspire you. Clothes are one of my favourite things in life (apart from cats), and when I open my closet I’m supposed to get that small shine in my eyes and get excited, right? Well, I often don’t. I sit there and complain because half of the stuff I own is pre-2015 (that’s when I reduced my obsessive buying habits), meaning I own a wardrobe of a 17-year-old. I think that’s also the problem of going on a sustainability journey while your style is still changing. You’re trying to buy less because, in theory, you have a full wardrobe of clothes, but then every single thing you put on makes you look like a rebellious teenager.

It’s absolutely challenging to work with the same pieces for over a year. Especially since my “job” is influencing through my looks. I had to learn to reuse the same pieces over and over (and make those bits from 2013 look “age-appropriate”).

But I really miss that feeling of getting that one new piece, which gets me super excited about prepping my looks each morning. I don’t know about you, but when I get something new I wear it for the full week, and it makes every single day better.

I partially solved that issue through buying vintage, which is absolutely amazing. Not necessarily super easy as I weekly scroll through eBay in the hope of finding that dream piece and then aggressively fighting to win my auctions and then finding out I was outbid by £0.50, just great. However, vintage is actually quite rare and hard to find. On top of that, the sizing is limited it’s either super tiny or super big, the fabrics are itchy, and often I receive a piece to find out it’s absolutely unwearable for your regular daily 9-5.

So it’s tough, but do I miss my ridiculous consumption habits?

Not that much. I’m actually quite happy with the direction my closet is going. It’s more mature, all my purchases are thought through and are not inspired by instant trends, meaning that all pieces are becoming timeless and reusable. Dressing up somehow became easier, and there’s less clutter. On top of that, I have massively reduced my contribution to the pollution of our one and only planet earth.

So what now? I don’t think my work here is done.

Personally, I’m really looking forward to further decluttering and investing more in sustainable brands that offer fun pieces but ones that are timeless and not influenced by current trends. I’m not making myself a victim here, but you can’t imagine how much I want new pieces that fully fit my current style rather than the 16-year-old Dominique. But slowly, I’ll work on this in a manner that will not be harmful to our planet. Everything is possible if you’re patient enough.

So my goal for 2020 is to fall in love with my closet once again!

Wearing full vintage apart from my boots (Raid)
Shot by  my one and only Kuba 

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  1. Kinga
    December 19, 2019 / 3:36 pm

    You’re such a great inspiration

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