• Whilst summer is supposed to be all fun and lovely, full of pink gin & …
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  • So being your own boss can mean many things in life, whether it’s being …
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  • Sometimes I ask myself, why have I never worn jumpsuits before in my life?   …
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  • I would say this post is almost an extension of “born in the wrong …
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  • born in the wrong era
    Getting out of a creative block

    H i y a , I ' m D o m i n i q u e !
    I'm a 60's/70's obsessed gal with a love for everything that's vintage & sustainable.
    I'm also a stylist & I run my own magazine The Disco Mag.

    I’m 20 and Unstable
    Pink in Singapore
    What About My Future?

    What About My Future?

    Looking for Something?